Saturday, September 13, 2008


Isn't waiting hard? You have no control. You can choose to be anxious, tap your fingers, sigh a lot, and wiggle your feet. Or like this guy, you can just wait. He wasn't anxious. He was just waiting. I wish I could do that with God more often. He's especially hard to wait on sometimes, since He knows the outcome, but hasn't chosen to let me know what it is. Like this pup, I would like to take a deep breath, and just hang.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Spy's Completed!!! And more...

OK, it's not a ton of headway, but I finally got some quilting things done this weekend. The most important was that I finally got the kid's "I Spy" quilts done and labeled and even washed! They're so cozy now...waiting for their new homes. I can't wait! I hope they like them. Do you wonder sometimes if you do all this quilting, and they won't really care? I guess so what, I had fun!

I got the back of 2 quilts made...Donna's Scraps baby, and this one, Turning 20 40's quilt. This one I had started a year ago, and ran out of fabric, and therefore all my momentum. It's ready for quilting! (Man the "quilting" basket is getting FULL - better get on that!)
I put this top together. I spent tons of time trimming blocks last Saturday on FQD, and now have an actual top. And I got the back designed out of my scraps...yeah!

I'm coming to realize that my attention span is fairly short, so getting all this done in one weekend is so satisfying!