Friday, February 25, 2011

UFO #10 Complete... A Long Time Coming

Well, I've kept up with the Judy's UFO Challenge for 2 whole months in a row! We'll see how it goes down the road, but that's pretty good, for me!

Finished UFO #10

I started this quilt in February of 2005 (it should take 6 years to finish a quilt, right? - and it's not even the oldest one). My quilt group did a mystery quilt - a Debbie Caffrey pattern. It was "Undercover Houston V." (Oh, now I've spilled the beans on the mystery!) It was fun to do this together as a group - each person's quilt is so different!

I finished the top years ago, but as usual, got stalled at the quilting part, and put it in the "to be quilted" basket. Even on this quilt I got my sewing room all set up for quilting (table extension out, Juki out, bobbins loaded, iPod ready), and then was the living room doing something very "important" on my computer. My husband observed "You don't like this part, do you." I think avoidance is a great tactic! I guess that's why it took 6 years to finish this one!

Here's a photo of my typically "patched" back (gotta use up more of that fabric, you know).

Back of the Mystery

And closeups of the quilting. I'm not a stellar quilter yet. Maybe this year of finishing one a month will improve my skills! I have an idea in my head, but somehow my hands don't always want to cooperate.

Closeup of Border Quiltingcloseup of quilting

Anyway - I'm so glad it's done! On to the next project! Betsy