Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Boy Quilt (in lieu of #6)

Baby Boy Quilt
Originally uploaded by theercs
OK... for the Judy's UFO Challenge I got out my #6 quilt to do the quilting. When I put it up on the quilt wall to mull over quilting designs, it had totally wavy borders. Very weird, because I'm usually fairly careful about that. Well, due to weeks of illness, etc., I ran out of time to get that one repaired and quilted, so I opted for still completing one that was a bit easier.

This one was already basted, and needed for the church babies soon, so I was able to complete it at our Quilt Retreat at Seabeck Conference Center. We had such a wonderful weekend, and it was fun to accomplish a few things! I also did the repairs on the original #6, so I should be able to get that one quilted soon as well!

So, off to an OK start on my UFO completion goals! And a fun retreat to boot! Hopefully I can keep it up!


JCnNC said...

The one you finished was very nice.

Jo said...

Your quilt is a beauty. Don't you love that Judy isn't the quilting police and let us play along however we can. Some family is going to be happy to receive it.

Heather said...

That is so pretty and will be much loved, I'm sure. Glad you got your other borders fixed too. Good job! :o)

Carol said...

It's great to have a finish isn't it? Love the turtle quilt -- I made one with that fabric last year, love it for a baby boy! I still will look forward to seeing the Valori Wells quilt done.

Dionne said...

Beautiful baby boy quilt.

Erin said...

Beautiful - congrats on the finish