Friday, March 7, 2008

UFO's Overflowing!

Since our church quilt group, Companionship Quilters, is going to have a UFO Challenge this next year, I thought I'd try my hand at blogging, and document my progress - we'll see how it goes. The UFO challenge all started because I made a "portfolio" of my completed quilts. While it's great to see that I have accomplished something, the one portfolio isn't even full, after 10 years of quilting! I commented on this at our meeting, and Lisa Powell said "maybe we should have UFO challenge again." Which, as I mulled it over, sounded like a really great idea for me!

The first order of business for the challenge is to document my UFO's. Sounded fun, until I started writing down all the projects I actually own fabric for - not even counting the fabric "stash" I seem to have acquired over the years. The grand total came out'll never guess...62 (count them, 62) Un-Finished Objects! This totally shocked me!!! Fortunately, all of them are things I still like, and have a desire to finish. This sooo motivated me to get going on them - which is different than my usual "I'm so overwhelmed, I'll buy something new" response.
So here are some of my Un-Finished Objects...

and the one I Spy in progress for my niece. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the Overflowing UFO's!

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Anonymous said...

That is certainly a lot of UFO's, but doesn't it help to see them in a list?! It will feel so rewarding to be able to cross them off the list.