Sunday, February 22, 2009

70's Quilt Done!

OK, this quilt doesn't really look like the 70's that much - it's just what it got named in the process. When I think of the 70's, I just picture lots of different patterns/colors that don't necessarily go together so much. It's definitely the busiest quilt I've ever made!

The pattern is super simple - kind of a "stack & slash" style pattern. I started this at a retreat... a really long time ago... years maybe.

And even the back is a huge mish-mash of fabric. I hoped to get a little cohesiveness out of the green strips... It's still really busy!

Anyway, it's done, big, and my new "retreat quilt." I like it because it covers my toes when I nap (don't you hate it when the covers are too short?).


1 comment:

Cherice said...

I think it looks like the 70's because of the gold fabric. It is beautiful. And retro. And definately busy -- just my style.