Sunday, March 22, 2009

Locker Hooking (on National Quilting Day)

OK, so it wasn't quilting, but yesterday, on National Quilting Day, I took a Locker Hooking class at a quilt store. Close enough, right?! Considering that we were out of town, and I didn't have ANY supplies, it went pretty well. The quilt store (Greenbaum's Quilted Forest) did an amazing job of pulling things together for me at the last minute (literally).

The instructor, Lorraine, and my classmates, Brenda, Fran and Debbie, were way nice. I worked during class, got home and hooked like a madwoman, and created this rug! OK, it's only about 6"x9", but pretty good for learning, and only one day! Our class was called the Happy Hookers, and next door was the Strippers class! Risque place, that quilt store! ;-)

It's a great type of project - easy to do, and uses up all those scraps! Couldn't ask for more!


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Sue said...

love the "rug" - and your fabric kit colors are amazing!