Monday, April 20, 2009

My new...

Don't you just love my new... guess what it is!?
It's a small ironing board that Steve helped me make. (Actually I just directed, he did all the manual labor.) It's just a thin layer of batting and 2 layers of muslin over a piece of wood we had in the garage. I wanted something small and hard, and didn't want to care if it got dirty (which this is already!) - trying some fusible applique. It works great!

I watched The Quilt Show show with Sue Nickels, and got so inspired to try her applique method. I'm giving it a try on a quilt I'm making, with totally annoying applique - I've tried 2 other methods unsuccessfully so far. Hers looked fun and limitless! I'm excited and will show you when I have something accomplished.

This is my final entry into the Companionship Quilters 2008/2009 UFO Challenge. It's called Donna's Scraps Dots - made totally from a friend's quilt scraps that she no longer wanted. It turned out OK! And one more thing off my UFO list!

Hope you're having a wonderful week so far.


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