Monday, April 12, 2010

Today's Quilt Wall

Today's Quilt Wall
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I got a baby quilt top started today. It's not really laid out yet, just stuck up on the wall. But it sort of matches my shakers on the shelf above! Huh! I wish I got this much done every Monday!

Yesterday I tried this recipe for Baked Ravioli (without the sausage or beef, and spinach ravioli), and it turned out pretty good! Actually better tonight as leftovers (like many baked pasta dishes).

Our geocaching has been very unfruitful as of late. Unable to find, closed trails, kind of frustrating. We have a new GPS on the way - I'm sure that will solve all our problems!



Jenni said...

That's sort of like Ravioli Lasagne. Looks nice. The baby quilt looks like it will be a quick finish - gotta love that.
A new GPS? What are you getting? It gets easier after a while as you get a better feel for where the cache is. Look for a UPS (unusual pile of stones/sticks) and read the recent finds which can also give you some hints.

Sue said...

Beautiful quilt - and good luck with your new GPS - what will you name him/her? Tom is taken ;-)