Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge

Judy over at Patchwork Times is hostessing a UFO Challenge for 2011. She's going to have us aim for finishing (up to your own interpretation) one quilt per month.

Every year I kind of check my list of UFO's, but don't always get too far in completing items on the list. When I went looking in my quilt room at my UFO's, it turns out I have soooo many quilts that just need quilted! Tops are made, backs are made, binding is even made for most of them. The ONLY thing they need is quilted. (Can you tell that part makes me nervous?)

I decided I'm going to bite the bullet and aim for quilting one quilt a month and get those things out! Some are small and not so scary (like for charity), so I can start on one or two of those, right?

Here's my list. I just chose alphabetical order. Judy's going to draw one number out of a hat each month and we'll work on that one! I know... there are 13... but I just wanted to list every one that was basically ready to go.

1. Apple Crisp (top, back and binding done) - started September 2002

2. Baby Boy dogs (top and back done) - started September 2010

3. Baby Boy turtles (actually basted) - started April 2010

4. Baby Flannel stack & slice (top, back and binding done) - acquired January 2010

5. Baby Flannel for church (top and back done) - acquired November 2010

6. Bright Valori Wells Flowers (top, back and binding done) - started January 2006

7. Coffee Quilt (top, back and binding done) - started January 2002

8. Hip to be Square Amy Butler (top, back and binding done) - started January 2010
Hip to Be Square

9. Jar Quilt (top, back and binding done) - started March 2000

10. Mystery Quilt 2 Coffee (top, back and binding done) - started February 2005

11. Syncopated Rhythm Batik (top and back done) - started January 2008

12. Syncopated Rhythm Kids (top and back done) - started June 2008

13. Turning 20 40's Laundry (top, back and binding done) - started September 2007


Dionne said...

Looks like some great projects! You are a lot further along on your projects than I am. Looking forward to seeing your finishes!

Carol said...

You sure have a pretty bunch of quilts to work on -- it'll be fun to see #6 done this month!

Jenni said...

That's amazing that you have sewn all those tops and haven't had them finished Betsy! That's a lot of work you've done. You'll be so happy when they're finished.