Saturday, August 11, 2012


I was reading a post on Crazy Mom Quilts which really made me reflect on how grateful that someone took the time to teach me to quilt. Back in about 1996 (which seems like an eternity ago now), Mo Newman took an interest in the quilt top I had of my great grandmothers. She made it come alive like I couldn't believe! She loved to imagine what women's lives were like back then (it was a 30's quilt) and what may have inspired them to quilt, and what they got out of quilting. I got a glimpse into my personal history, and I just ate it up! She also introduced me to a group of ladies that were as crazy as she was about quilting, who are still my quilting buddies today. Who would have thought that so many women were into this "obscure" craft? And hardly any of them were "old ladies!" :-)

Mo's introduction to quilting changed my life! I've had zillions of hobbies over the years, but quilting seems ingrained in me like no other pastime has been. I'm so grateful for the world she opened up to me, and how graciously she taught me and the others around me everything she knew. I owe her so much. But for now I'd like to offer her my sincerest gratitude. Thank you so much Mo!

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