Saturday, August 9, 2008

APNQ Quiltfest

I went to the APNQ (Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters) Quiltfest - their biennial juried quilt show. It's big, and really pretty amazing! This year it was at the Convention Center - much more room than at the Seattle Center in the past. There are so many types of quilts, it's really kind of overwhelming. From modern pictorial like these tulips:
to traditional geometric:
to fun:
to really traditional (I loved this one - really had an antique feel to it):
this fun one for my hubby's benefit (being a Beaver and all).
One of the coolest parts for me was an exhibit of antique quilts owned by In the Beginning Fabrics/Sharon Yenter. They dated from about 1825! You couldn't take pictures of them, but they were in the background of one of my photos. They were just yummy.

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The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for visitingmy blog - I love your log cabin! Congrats on the ribbon!

I like the geometric on that is on this blog post as well. I took a picture of that quilt at a quilt show too.