Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At the Fair, and on another blog!

We went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, and while Mom's quilt didn't get the grand prize ribbon, it did get to hang in one of the few spots where you can actually see the quilts! (Most get folded over, and there's not much to see.) Yeah!

My quilt got on someone else's blog! Fun! It's at The Calico Cat. That's a first for me (that I know of).
Shae's baby quilt got a blue ribbon, but wasn't displayed nearly as nicely:

We also saw a few:
And ate a little...

All in all, a good day! Betsy

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Karen Dianne Lee said...

Your quilt is absolutely amazing. I commented on it at Calico Cat, too.

You simply must be a cool person. Only a really neat person could make this one!


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